Ms. Mason Makes

Mostly selfies ✌

a pastel toned glitch art that features painterly like pixel sorting. The image is of a sidewalk and a person's shadow cast down towards the left side. a glitched selfie, stephanie wearing dripping rainbow and black makeup with hot pink and neon green gradients radiating from opposite corners, and some channel splitting to make her face appear multiple times.

I painted this bird on a tent I made. Later I made it sort of glitchy/trippy.

a painting of a pitohui, which resembles a crow but has a bright yellow and orange body and red eyes an aframe tent with the bird painting, with crocheted buntings hanging across

Sometimes I design knitting and crochet patterns.

a long sweater featuring chevrons on the front and visible shaping on the back a boxy sweater with andy warhol inspired marilyn monroe pop art in neon pink and blue
thigh high lace stockings a cabled, hooded scarf

For about 6 months, I designed a bunch of baby sweater patterns. Like a lot, 50+ baby sweaters. It turned out to be sort of a dumb idea, but these are the best ones.

a cream colored knit baby sweater with a dark brown sillhouette of a bird on a branch in intarsia a cream colored crocheted baby sweater with lace sleaves

In 2011 I was invited to participate in a trash fashion show, so I made this fused plastic bag dress and knit this dress out of plastic bag yarn.

a short brown vest over a white and dark green dress, both made from plastic grocery bags

For several years, I did some production for the artist Sheila Klein under her direction. These are a few detail shots of some of her pieces that I had the opportunity to work on that I am particularly fond of.

metalic lace crocheted to look like architectural details on a mosque draped buntings of stainless steel hairpin lace in the foreground, thick cotton crocheted to look like window details on old Indian architecture. In the background hang similar pieces.

I made this shirt that is bluetooth controlled and runs on gif based animations. It's pretty neat.

an animation of the shirt with the matrix of leds flickering as a hand touches buttons on a phone a matrix of blue green lights under textured fabric a matrix of rainbow leds under textured fabric the back side of the shirt showing the hand soldered wire harness
stephanie dressed as a lich with a light up green shirt

Shortly after I made that scarf I made this vest, but it was always pretty flickery so I ended up recycling the leds into a different project.

a black vest with chiffon flowers, with each flower containing an led

These are some other led projects I made, because bright blinky things just make the world a happier place.

goat horns worn on the head with green and red fading led animations Black converse boots that have a ring of leds around the converse patch. When the shoe hits the ground the ring lights up in a pleasant wave animation. Black plastic rimmed glasses with a strip of animated leds at the top

I made a persistance of vision kit from Adafruit and messed around with it for awhile, which was fun.

stephanie holds a bright rectangular light in her hand and there is a streak in front of her face with indistinguishable shapes. stephanie has an emo look on her face and is very dimly lit with blue light. A streak of light in front of her reads 'Stef' and has hearts around it. a black and white dog sits under a light streak arch that reads 'Merry Christmas'

I also made a pigrrl from another Adafruit kit. It was fun to build but kind of lackluster to play with so I disassembled it and used the components for other projects.

The open innards of a pi girl. One half of the case is translucent orange, and contains a few pcb boards. It is connected to a screen, contained in a solid white back case, by a cable ribbon. the pi grrl in progress, an orange half of the case contains the audio and power boost boards, and the raspberry pie lies beside it. A helping hand alligator clip holds two small wires in the foreground.

This was my first e-textile project, done for the Bellingham Foundry

a simple scarf with a few blue leds and an led circle that has blue and white animations

I have a lot of projects on my GitHub. Here are some selected ones.

* I've taught a few workshops to kids using processing, and made this little paint program as an example for a project.

* One day I got super excited about making a pants pattern generator for knitters. My enthusiasm was more for the website itself than the actual generator and only lasted for about a day and a half, so I never finished it. But some day I might.

* Arduino code for led projects. These are all built off of other people's code, mostly from Adafruit.

- Bluetooth controlled shirt animations

- LED Shoes

- LED Glasses

These are some sites I've done back end development on

These are some sites I've done front (and back) end development on

my old site

This is a very random selection of some design type things I've worked on.

the front of a business card, featuring a glitched background of pinks and greens and a distorted circle in the middle. The text says Stephanie Mason. the back of the business card, with the headings web, email, and phone highlighted in pink and the info under each heading in black. (That info can be found in the contact section of the menu on this site)

I designed some earrings in Inkscape. I had the pieces laser cut out of wood, and I stained and hand assembled them.

wooden boletus mushroom earrings

Published papers I've contributed to:

Exploring Protein Cavities through Rigidity Analysis

Stephanie Mason, Brian Chen, and Filip Jagodzinski

InProceedings of ACM-BCB '17, Boston, MA, USA, August 20-23, 2017

Investigating Rigidity Properties of Protein Cavities

Stephanie Mason, Tim Woods, Filip Jagodzinski, and Brian Chen

Molecules 23.2 (2018): 351.

This poster relates to the above research, and won the 2017 ACM Undergraduate Research Competition at Grace Hopper Celebration

thumbnail of a scientific poster exploring rigid properties of protein cavities

An unfinished website that was used in these projects to create multidimensional plots, created with D3.js

Cavity Rigidity Plotter

Occasionally I like to do fancy makeup.

lich halloween makeup, stephanie has on skull makeup with green accents galaxy makeup, stephanie's cheeks drip galaxies under her eyes stephanie has rainbow hair and saturated green eye makeup, with hot pink lips stephanie is wearing minimal makeup, with a bold white streak of white on her eyelids neon rainbows streak down from stephanie's eyes, with black dripping on top stephanie has an image portraying insertion sort painted on her face stephanie's nails matches her makeup, both feature toxic yellow-green bases with dark teal dripping on top stephanie is taking a high angle selfie with subtle valentines day makeup: pink eyelids and little hearts draw around eyes stephanie has white face paint and feather like dark streaks under and around her eyes stephanie wearing horns, a lace costume, and neon rainbow dripping makeup stephanie wearing horns, a lace costume, and with fire-like green and blue makeup under her eyes

Some funny illustrations I made for other people.

a colorful illustration of an older woman with short brown hair firing a nerf gun at an older man wearing a trucker hat, sitting in a lazy boy chair reading a book, with text below containing information about the time and date of stephanie's grandparent's 50th anniversary party a line drawing of something resembling a hippogriff, but with the bird part as a chicken instead of an eagle a line drawing of a dragon with the head of sigmund freud

An illustration I made for an old blog, which is a pretty accurate snapshot up my life at the time.

an illustration of stephanie riding a bicycle down a road. There is a small grey rooster on her handle bars and yarn trailing out of a basket attached to the back of her bike. There is a fat pigeon holding a banner also attached to her bike with the words 'un petit squab' written on it. She has two dogs following her down the path, and at the end of the path is a tiny house on a trailer with her partner, Jason and a few more chickens next to it. There is text at the bottom of the illustration that reads, 'a blog of creative endeavors.'

For awhile I was in the circus, and I did contortion. I wasn't very good but I had a few neat tricks I could pull off.

stephanie wearing a striped leotard and socks, in a deep back bend. She is looking out between her legs at the camera. stephanie is in a wheel back bend, with Jason (a 180ish lb man) standing on top of her.

I briefly got really obsessed with doll "face-ups" and wanted to start doing doll repaints myself. I did one repaint, which turned out pretty good, and was then over it.

a monster high doll with a repainted face that looks more realistic than the original cartoony painting. a different angle of the same monster high doll as the previous picture.

My name is Stephanie Mason. I like to try new things and to challenge myself. I am very interested in interdisciplinary work of all kinds. I am especially keen on the intersections between art, science, and design.

I have worked, for various lengths of time, as a research assistant, a web developer, a knitting store associate, a contortionist, an independent designer, a studio assistant, an artist, a teacher, and a house painter. I currently make a living doing web development at Western Washington University.

I have a BS in Biology and Mathematics, with minors in Computer Science and Chemistry. I also have an entirely unused BA in Linguistics.

At this particular moment in my life, I spend most of my free time working on art projects, attending festivals, and playing video games.